10 Best Men’s Messenger Bags Reviews In 2020

men's messenger bags reviews

There’s a reason why a style that has been around for so long in so many different forms — the one of the basic messenger bags — has turned into an important everyday that every guy should be familiar with by its very nature.

More so than the backpack or the briefcase, the basic form of the messenger bag — the shoulder strap and all of it — is more ready in appearance and function than anything else you could get to carry your gear.

The best men messenger bag — one probably found below in this list — gets you and your essentials from point A to point B, and should be equipped with everything in between. That’s a major challenge given any number of locations you may encounter regularly — whether it’s a city commute, an outdoor hike, a short (or long) walk to the workplace or a fast trip away.

And with more men than ever before paying for small details, there should be a great messenger bag among those items to cross off. It’s a piece that plays a major role in daily life — stylistically and differently.

Some of these men messenger bags combine more functional details, some are built with the quality of heritage in mind, and some fuse the two. That represents how we dress and get around regularly — you have to be up for something, and your equipment has to be just as packed.

Think about it this way — a great messenger bag can be just like a trusty stainless steel dive watch; wear it with casual business gear, rock it with tee and shorts, or use it as an old standby with a slim tee and dark denim.

With these picks, that’s what we’re going for; ideally, once you’ve found a messenger bag, you won’t need another for quite some time. We’ve tracked down some brands that you’ll recognize, and some that you might not — but each one in your closet is worth considering in its way. And if you haven’t given your bag a thought before, this article is a helpful starting point.

Let’s look in detail at our best Men’s Messenger Bags for 2020!

1. Filson 70193 Harvey Messenger Bag

Filson 70193 Harvey Messenger Bag
Source: Amazon

The quality and heritage of Filson precede itself, but this bag does make a statement of its own. The water-resistant fabric on the outside and tough yet eye-catching Bridle leather trim make this a bag to be admired and beat up a bit as well.

Bellows pockets and a laptop sleeve for the interior make it versatile and ready for anything. It’s well-equipped to handle photography equipment, and rain-diverting gutter flaps point to the kind of touches of professional design that the brand has long been known for.

2. Filson Dry Messenger Bag

Filson Dry Messenger Bag
Source: Amazon

Another Filson bag is popping up on this list, and for just as good reason. Due to its sonic-welded seams, this vinyl-coated polyester messenger bag is incredibly durable. Small details like that are what separates Filson from almost every other bag manufacturer out there since the top of the roll provides easy access and protection from the elements. The waterproof front zipper pocket also means more of your valuables will stay dry.

3. 5.11 Tactical Rush Delivery Lima Bag

5.11 Tactical Rush Delivery Lima Bag
Source: Amazon

The Rush Delivery X-Ray is built to provide access to your daily necessities. Made from rugged Nylon, a padded laptop sleeve takes up the bulk of this bag, but a quick-drawing compartment makes it as easy to access a sidearm. Other space is also built right in for document storage, keys, business cards and additional gear. Its ambidextrous design and minimal color scheme should make it fit anywhere, too.

4. Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Messenger Bag

Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Messenger Bag
Source: Amazon

Quick, how do you carry your laptop around? Answer-The Pop Quiz Messenger (maybe). A padded and fleece-lined laptop sleeve, complete with Herschel ‘s signature woven label, complements the minimal black and white exterior. It is the budget-friendly alternative to more expensive bags with less carrying potential at less than $90 (after all, this one has an internal mesh organizer — and don’t forget the laptop space).

5. Tumi Unisex Alpha 2 Slim Deluxe Portfolio

Tumi Unisex Alpha 2 - Slim Deluxe Portfolio
Source: Amazon

If ever there has been a brand that keeps technical functionality in mind while also paying attention to details of the minimal style, it is Tumi. Its Slim Deluxe Collection blends black hardware with flat leather handles and lots of pockets — including two zip pockets, three card slots, and both zip pockets and slips pockets inside. You want to leave your heirloom bag at home for all those times but still give off trust (and style) this is the minimal replacement you need.

6. FRYE Men’s Logan Messenger Bag

FRYE Men's Logan Messenger Bag
Source: Amazon

Frye’s Logan Messenger Bag unquestionably brings to mind heritage-quality boots and accessories. Made of rugged cognac pullup leather, this bag will age even more when you break it in. And it could easily become an everyday bag with that price point and those looks. Indoor pockets with zipping and slip make sure you have plenty of space for your laptop and all the other goods you need to look sharp and check your to-do list.

7. The Brixton Camera Messenger Bag

The Brixton  Camera Messenger Bag
Source: Amazon

The Brixton Camera Bag, downright durable and ready for everything, calls to mind old-style pockets, what with their full-grain Italian-tanned leather and a soft wax finish. It can unassumingly carry around a camera, two lenses, and a 13 “laptop, on top of its terrific looks. Four dividers allow you to customize the interior to suit your needs, and that’s a great thing — this is a bag that you’re going to want to customize to any adventure.

8. Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag

Timbuk2 Command Messenger Bag
Source: Amazon

The rare TSA-friendly messenger bag (no need to exclude your electronic devices), Rip-Lite polyester, and anodized hardware play off each other nicely in a bag ready for both urban and rural adventures. Integrated silencer bags make this piece much more stealthy than usual and a floating pocket covers small valuables such as sunglasses or your camera.

9. United By Blue Lakeland Laptop Bag

United By Blue Lakeland Laptop Bag
Source: Amazon

The Lakeland Laptop Bag, known for its commitment to sustainability and the environment, sticks to the company’s message by making use of organic (and robust) 18 oz canvas. Refined detailing of full-grain leather and a reinforced leather bottom add to the unique air of stylish versatility in this bag. The brass hardware and lined laptop sleeve are giving the Lakeland another dose of toughness that will continue to go and go.

10. Seal Line Urban Shoulder Bag

Seal Line Urban Shoulder Bag
Source: Amazon

Coated polyester makes up the outside of this waterproof bag with integrated Quick-Clip ® closures for easy and quick access to your valuables. An internal divider keeps the things you need well separate. And a bike-friendly hideaway waist belt, plus an adjustable shoulder strap, gives you all the finishing touches you need to take this bag through the city on a country ride or zip.

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