10 Best Messenger Bags For Women: Stylish & Durable

best messenger bags for women
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Messenger bags are a great option to daypacks or backpacks – they ‘re going to fit all your daily needs and look a lot more professional. They can be so cute and stylish that you’ll want to wear them all over the place, even on a night out.

If you are looking for the best messenger bags for women, you are in the right spot for sure. We’ll tell you about the 10 best women’s messenger bags, from those sporty and rugged to some incredibly classy options. What’s the hold-up, then? Keep on reading and find your ideal messenger bag!

1.Vintage Canvas Messenger Bag

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Made from durable canvas material, this women’s messenger bag is very versatile and can hold many items. This includes three inside bags and four outside bags, together with one large inside bag. It’s versatile and suits for every occasion. Ideal for regular use or for short journeys. The bag comes in two colors, and it is very lightweight.

The bag is 4.5 inches deep and is 12 x 12 inches in size. It, however, can carry textbooks easily and is very robust. The bag’s many pockets will let you keep a lot of things and the main compartment also has a zipper. You can easily keep all your goodies in it and have a walk, as when you carry it, the straps will not hurt your arms.

2.S-ZONE Vintage Canvas Messenger Bag School Shoulder Bag

Source: Amazon

This messenger bag for a woman has nylon lining made of canvas and PU leather trim. This has plenty of compartments and can comfortably accommodate a 14-inch laptop. This has high power and is very robust as well. This is handy because it has a magnetic snap that allows easy access to your things. That will also protect your products as they come with a zipper pocket

Additionally, you can easily adjust the shoulder strap in this messenger bag and carry it according to your convenience. This is very well adapted to work or travel. It has a retro look and a high performance. This is also lightweight and includes three pen slots and slots for cards. You can use it daily as the bag is very comfortable and can carry various things at once.

3. J World New York Terry

 J World New York Terry
Source: Amazon

This is one of the best messenger bags for women, and it’s highly trendy and comes in many different colors and prints. This is of sturdy polyester, and it is water-resistant, too. It is very spacious and includes a wide main compartment, a front pocket, and two side pockets. You can also carry a lot of stuff in this bag as it’s still really sturdy and won’t break easily.

Besides that, it will give you comfort because it has a padded shoulder strap that can also be adjusted. This additionally has a double release buckle closure where you can easily access your items. The messenger bag is great for day to day use and school use. It is very good for ladies and you can keep your cards or pens in the front pocket organizer.

4. Tocode Waterproof Laptop Messenger Bag

Tocode Waterproof Laptop Messenger Bag
Source: Amazon

The Tocode Bag is one of the best messenger bags for women, particularly if you’re on a tight budget. This stylish messenger bag retails for around $35, which for such a compact bag is a very good price. It is made of fabric made from PU leather and canvas, for excellent durability.

What I like most about this bag is the abundance of inside and out pockets. The bag’s interior includes a padded laptop sleeve that can accommodate up to 16.5 “laptop computers and a small internal organizer. And then on the bag’s external body, you’ll get one zippered and three open pockets.

One of the outer pockets is large enough to fit an iPad, while the smaller ones are perfect for easy access to your phone, sunglasses, and other stuff you want. The Tocode bag is one of the best choices in terms of organizational features.

In addition to the closed Velcro flap, the main compartment features a zipper closure. This is important because it ensures the safety of your belongings – the zipper makes it much more difficult for someone to try and steal things from the bag without you noticing.

But there are certain things about this bag that you won’t like as much, as the strap on the shoulder. It is only a thick piece of webbing with no extra padding. It won’t be super comfortable to wear, especially when you’re filling it. It’s a sturdy strap, though, which won’t break or get easily torn, so that’s it.

5. Briefcase for Women by EaseGave

Briefcase for Women by EaseGave
Source: Amazon

Let’s face it, ladies – most of the bags we buy because they’re cute and stylish. And if you really need a messenger bag but want to keep it stylish, one of the best options for you is the EaseGave briefcase. It has the classic exterior satchel which comes in twelve different colors and two different designs.

This is positive news. The even better news is that not only is this bag beautiful, but it is also very functional. Its interior is divided into three compartments, one of which is simply a padded sleeve for the laptop. Within, you can fit up to 15.6 “computers, as well as a number of other things in the rest of the main compartment.

The bag’s interior also features a small organizer and a zippered pocket for the little object. And on the back of the bag is a zippered pocket, which is great for items you want to be easily accessible.

In addition to the zipper, this messenger bag features turning and locking closure of the main compartment. Which means everything inside is going to be safe.

The only downside of this fashionable bag is the lack of outer pockets. But that is also the same reason why the briefcase on EaseGave has such a minimalist exterior. If you’re all right that you don’t have more than one easily accessible pocket, I think you’ll like it.

Also noteworthy is that this messenger bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap and a handy grab handle. However, there is no padding on the shoulder strap, so if you make the bag heavy, it may be a little uncomfortable.

6. Timbuk2 Commute Messenger Bag 2.0

Timbuk2 Commute Messenger Bag 2.0
Source: Amazon

Timbuk2’s Commute canvas messenger bag is another great option for ladies looking to keep things simple. This bag features an understated style, emphasizing both quality and durability. It is made from the canvas of 1820D Cordura, a material with excellent resistance to water and tear.

This bag features a thick padded external laptop compartment, for excellent computer security. Depending on the size of the bag it will match a 13 “or 15” laptop. And there’s a very wide central compartment that can accommodate all of your bulky things as well. The bag is also equipped with lots of internal and external pockets, including all the tiny items that would get lost in the larger pockets, and organizer.

Also, this messenger bag also features a rear luggage sleeve that doubles as an open pocket. At the bottom of the sleeve is a zipper – if you want to hold the bag on top of a suitcase, leave it unzipped, or zip it up and use it as a spacious outer pocket.

Another thing that I like about this bag is that it features a spacious side pocket of water bottles. And I love the buckle closure function of the cover, for the absolute protection of everything inside the case.

Additionally, the Timbuk2 Commute messenger bag features a very durable, adjustable strap with a padded insert. Even when the bag is filled, it feels comfortable on the body.

7. K&F Concept Messenger Bag

 K&F Concept Messenger Bag
Source: Amazon

K&F Concept makes some superb camera bags in many different shapes and sizes. If you’re a photographer who prefers backpacks to messenger bags, this is a great option for you. It looks like a standard outdoor messenger bag but inside it’s a bit magical.

This bag’s exterior is made of water-repellent nylon, for great protection against the elements. And in fact, the interior is a removable inner bag with really thick padding all around. The inner bag features a mesh top covered zipper closure which allows you to see everything inside the bag without actually opening it.

What I like best is that you can’t say this is a camera bag, unless you’re familiar with K&F Concept already. One DSLR body and two lenses can be fitted inside, as well as a standard 9.7 “iPad and a few other needs. The outer bag body has three zippered pockets for easily accessible stuff you want, as well as an extra front compartment with a panel of organizers.

Additionally, you’re left with a pretty simple messenger bag when you take the camera insert out. You could use it for work or day-to-day commutes-the the only problem is that it won’t fit a laptop.

The  K&F Concept messenger bag has a robust shoulder strap. It’s not adjustable or padded anywhere, so it won’t feel very good on your back. But that will hardly be a problem, owing to the bag’s small capacity.

One more thing if you ‘re on a tight budget and you like the concept of a camera messenger bag, don’t leave it out. It retails for some $25 which for such a great bag is crazy!

8. DHK 18 Inch Vintage Handmade Leather Messenger Bag

DHK 18 Inch Vintage Handmade Leather Messenger Bag
Source: Amazon

If you want a messenger bag you can use for years, then the DHK vintage bag is one of the best choices. It has a retro look that never goes out of style, and is made of premium leather. This means that as it grows older it will only look better.

Two bag sizes are available to choose from – a 16 “medium option and an 18” large bag. In terms of features, the two bags are exactly the same the only difference is the actual size of the bag. And even the prices are really similar, so you can get the size that looks good for you without thinking you ‘re losing something at all.

The bag’s interior is divided into three compartments, making all of your stuff simple to arrange. And inside, the bag is fully lined, protecting the leather. One thing worth noting is that there are no padded internal compartments, so they’re not exactly the best for a laptop. But, you can comfortably fit a machine inside – the 18 “bag can accommodate even the largest and bulkiest computers.

On top of that, the internal divider will shield the device from the bag’s other contents. So if you are concerned about resistance to effects, you can always put the laptop first in a safe sleeve.

This bag also features lots of smaller pockets, easily accessible for all the things you want to have. The interior is mainly fitted with open pockets, while the bag’s exterior only features closed pockets for extra protection.

Besides all that, I will also inform you that the shoulder strap has a padded portion which makes the bag much more comfortable to carry.

9. KROSER Laptop Messenger Bag

KROSER Laptop Messenger Bag
Source: Amazon

If you are looking for a comfortable and durable messenger bag, then the best choice for you is the Kroser one. There’s plenty to love about this pack, from the crazy price to the amazing versatility of use.

This bag is made from poly fabric canvas which features water-resistant coating for excellent element protection. This material is also very robust and resistant to tears, ensuring you will be able to use this bag for quite a while.

But, how versatile it is, what I like most about this bag. It features three different compartments and expandable space, making it an excellent bag for almost everything. The large capacity and excellent organizational features make it perfect for work, while the expandable capacity and lightweight luggage strap make it perfectly suited for travel.

The sleeve of the laptop is inside the main compartment and can fit at most 17.3 “devices. There’s a laptop sleeve here too, as well as a few slip pockets for all of your accessories.

The front compartment features a panel of organizers with secure RFID slip pockets. This compartment is great for all the things you ‘d like to have handy, as well as the most precious pieces you ‘d like to avoid.

Additionally, the women’s Kroser messenger bag also features a large back compartment, as well as a zippered pocket on the front panel. However, it does not have any other external pockets but it will hardly be a deal-breaker.

Especially when I tell you how affordable this bag is – for a little over $35, the bigger option retails that’s ridiculous for such a versatile bag! You can get it for some $25 as well, but that one is a little smaller and lacks expandable capacity.

10.Kattee Military Messenger Bag

Kattee Military Messenger Bag
Source: Amazon

For all the sporty women the Kattee Military bag is the best choice. If you like bags not looking too formal or sophisticated, you’ll love this one. It is made of durable canvas with authentic accents of leather, for outstanding durability.

This bag is available in two sizes and five different colors, so you can choose from plenty of variety. The main compartment is very spacious but there is no dedicated cover for the laptop. You can fit a computer inside easily, there’s just no dedicated spot to it. However, there is a zippered internal pocket that is perfect for your wallet or tablet.

In addition to that, this messenger bag is equipped with two external pockets, which are perfect for the stuff you want to have handy.

It comes with a heavy-duty harness with a padded patch, so the wear should be pretty comfortable. And it’s a very sturdy bag-the the main compartment has a zipper closure and you can even attach the flap with buckles to the body of the bag.

A remarkable thing is that this bag is not exactly organized. There’s no padding inside, and the fabric is pretty thin, meaning when finished, it won’t maintain its shape. This also means that you probably should put your laptop or tablet in some kind of sleeve before putting them in the bag for extra protection.

Besides that, I think you’ll like the bag’s price point too. It’s well below $50, so in addition to being rugged and durable, it’s pretty cheap

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